Started a NEW Series on YouTube

Started a NEW Series on YouTube

So I've started learning a bit of React JS just to spice things up and what other project would be better for this than a covid tracker.

I've done a small project in react for an interview in the past and followed their tutorial but that's about it.

The main goal of this project is to make me more familiar with react but also, I've started this project because I want to create some data correlation between vaccinated percentages, ICU cases, death rate and the GDP of the countries. Just to play a bit with the data and see if there are any connections between the covid death rates and the economic development of a country.

Unfortunately, not all of the countries report all of the data and also the reporting is not done on the daily so I've spent a lot of time trying to map the data and to fill the missing data on the latest day with the most recent data for a given table column.

By the way, the covid data source is taken from Our World in Data.

What I want to do in this project, code-wise, is the following:

  • create reusable / dumb components
  • add routing for each country
  • add react redux
  • add a form of caching
  • add styling
  • add graphics (pie charts and stuff)

In the meantime, you can follow the progress of this project on my YouTube channel.

In this first episode I create a new property that holds the timestamps for the data that was added on the latest day, just to display the day it was taken from.

Disclaimer: these videos are unedited, which means you might hear baby noises, vacuum cleaners and some good ol' cursing, if you stay until the end.

Check it out!